Each guest is ous most important one…

The owners of TOP ONE Apartments are grateful for adhering to the following rules and regulations, which are there to ensure the comfort and safety of all our guests.


  1. The apartments at TOP ONE Apartments which are rented as part of a hotel service for short or long periods (day, week, month) are self contained apartments and, are hereafter refered to as „The Apartments”
  2. Guests coming to TOP ONE Apartments are obliged to register themselves with TOP ONE Apartments in accordance with the Act of 10th April 1974 – the population census & personal identification Act, together with any later changes.
  3. TOP ONE Apartments is required to register all guests. Guests are requested to show proof of identity (Passport or ID card)
  4. In the event of resignation during your stay, TOP ONE Apartments shall not reimburse payment made for your whole stay
  5. Should you wish to increase the length of your stay TOP ONE Apartments will do their utmost to accomodate you failing to do so they will aid, to the best of their abilities, to find other suitable accomodation
  6. TOP ONE Apartments offers services according to their standards. In the event of any reservations regarding our services we ask you to please contact the owners as quickly as possible, this will aid with future improvements in service
  7. TOP ONE Apartments is required to provide:
  8. (a) unhindered conditions for our guests to rest

    (b) secure and safe stay, including confidentiality of personal details

    (c) pleasant atmosphere and service

    (d) carry out essential repairs to appliances in the absence of the guest only on recieving explicit permission from the guest

    (e) where possible offering a different appartment or some other form of compensation should faults not be repaired

  9. Bed linen and towels are issued for the whole term of the stay, should it be required to change either a fee will be charged
  10. TOP ONE Apartments takes no reponsibility for loss or damage to any property belonging to the guest
  11. TOP ONE Apartments takes no responsibility for loss or damage to any vechicle belonging to or used by the guest. Should an event occur the guest should immediately inform TOP ONE Apartments.
  12. Guests of TOP ONE Apartments are financially responsible for any loss or damage made to the aparments including all fixtures, fittings and appliances should this be caused by the guests or visitors of.
  13. On leaving any of TOP ONE Apartments guests should ensure that all doors are closed and that the main door is securely locked and that the key is kept in a safe place
  14. For loss of key the guest is charged a fee of 300.00 PLN
  15. Guests of TOP ONE Apartments can not give the key or apartment to a third party, even if their period of stay has not been completed
  16. Quiet hours,or lights out period are daily between the hours of 22:00 and 06:00. During these hours guests, and their visitors, are to act and behave in such a manner as not to disturb neighbours. Failure to do so will lead to guests being blacklisted from future rental.
  17. As a fire precaution, no electric appliances except those belonging to TOP ONE Apatments , may be used in any of TOP ONE Apartments
  18. Prior to leaving the apartment or going to sleep, guests should ensure that taps are correctly switched off, window are closed or blocked to ensure against any damage caused by atmospheric conditions, and also ensure that all electrical appliances are switched off.
  19. TOP ONE Apartments reserves the right to refuse a guest who has previously not adherd to and broken TOP ONE Apartment regulations
  20. Items left behind by guests on vacating TOP ONE Apartments shall not be sent back to guests
  21. Filling in and signing registration card shall be taken as understanding and accepting TOP ONE Apartments regulations
  22. The owners of the apartment can issue an invoice for the value of the duration of the stay. In the event of either recieving incorrect company information or the client fails to fill in the details a duplicate invoice or corrected invoice can not be issued.
  23. Guests deciding on staying at TOP ONE Apartments and making their reservations by phone or e-mail give their permission on using their personal details soley for the use of TOP ONE Apartments , according to Polish Law, for making reservations, simplifying future reservations and marketing purposes.
  24. For the duration of the EURO 2012 (entire month of June 2012) TOP ONE Apartments as security against damage to property ownership and the common parts of the building reserves to all guests using the accommodation left on deposit in the TOP ONE Apartments deposit or alternatively a photo ID.
  25. The deposit remains in the TOP ONE Apartments by guest departure and return of keys by him.
  26. Refund of the deposit by the TOP ONE Apartments will be the guest on departure if there is no damage and will be reimbursed by the keys to the apartment where he lived.


  1. For reservations the following is required
  2. (a) filling in the reservation form found on www.topnoclegiwarszawa.pl

    (b) a downpayment for the nights stay or for reservations for longer periods of stay 20% of the price for the whole period. This reservation downpayment should be made to our bank accoun,t details of which can be found on our website www.topnoclegiwarszawa.pl

    (c) downpayment should be made within 24 hrs of making reservation, failure to do so is treated as the cancellation of the rezervation

    (d) on reciept of the downpayment our client will recieve an email confirming the reservation and all contact details of the person responsible for the keys

    (e) the outstanding balance for the rental of the apartments shall be paid to the contact person on the day of commencing the stay.

  3. Checking-in is from 14:00 (2pm)
  4. Checking-out by mid-day 11:00


  1. Clients have the right to cancel reservations at TOP ONE Apartments
  2. In the event of cancelling the reservation 11 days or more prior to arrival, TOP ONE Apartments shall not charge a fee for cancellation
  3. Cancelling a reservation between 6 to 10 days of arrival , TOP ONE Apartments shall charge a fee equal to one days rental of the reserved apartment
  4. In the event of cancellations of 5 days or less and/or not turning up at the apartment, TOP ONE Apartments shall charge the guest a fee equivalent to the full length of the reserved stay
  5. (a) Guests are required to pay the full amount within 7 days of being issued a pro-forma invoice by TOP ONE Apartments, which shall be sent out either as na e-mail or by post


  1. All children up to the age of 6 – free of charge – providing that they sleep in beds provided
  2. All children up to the age of 2 – free of charge – in infant cots
  3. Max. number of infant cots per room – 1
  4. Extra beds and cot are available on request at TOP ONE Apartments


Pets are allowed at no extra charge. Guests are wholly responsible for any damage caused by their pet


American Express, Visa, Euro/Mastercard

TOP ONE Apartments shall pre-authorise credit card payments prior to guests arrival. Payment by credit card is subject to a 3% handling fee


The contract between TOP ONE Apartments and a client is solely for the rental of an apartment, food and activities are the responsibility of the guest. Gas, electricity and water as with final cleaning are included in the price. The owner shall take no extra payments except for services as shown on www.topnoclegiwarszawa.pl for which the guest wishes to use


All disputes are settled according to the Laws and appropriate courts of TOP ONE Apartments registered office.